Union County Municipalities

Union County Quick Facts:

Map with locations
Population: 28,679
Source: US Census Bureau
County Seat: Union
Largest City: City of Union, 8,039
Major Highways: US 176, SC 9, SC 49, SC 215

Union County is governed under the supervisor-council form of government in which the chief legislative body, the Union County Council, is chaired by the supervisor, who also serves as county manager.  In Union County, the council is a six-member body whose members are elected from six council districts.  The supervisor, who only votes in the event of a tie, is elected at-large.  In the event the supervisor is not present the council vice-chairman - elected by the council members - chairs all meetings.

Six other county constitutional offices are elected at-large in Union County - the sheriff, treasurer, auditor, probate judge, clerk of court, and coroner.  All but one office is located in the Union County Courthouse which is located at 210 West Main Street.  The Coroner's Office operates out of Holcombe Funeral Home at 310 West Main Street.  All offices pertaining to obtaining building permits, licenses, and payment of fees can be found in the Courthouse.

City Of Union

The City of Union is governed under the council form of government by a seven-member city council.  The council is composed of six council members elected from six council districts and a mayor elected at-large.  The mayor chairs the council meetings and also serves as a voting member of the council.  The Mayor Pro-Tem assumes the duties of Mayor in his absence.  Day-to-day operations of the city are administered by the city administrator who is hired by the city council. 

The offices of mayor, city administrator, finance director, utility director, city clerk, personnel director, taxes and licenses, utility customer service, and council chambers are located on the first floor of the city municipal building at 101 Sharpe Avenue.  The public safety department is located at 215 Thompson Boulevard.

Town of Jonesville

The Town of Jonesville is governed under the council form of government by a five-member town council.  The council is composed of four council members and a mayor, all of whom are elected at-large. All town offices are located at the Jonesville Town Hall, 149 Pacolet Street. 


Town of Carlisle 

            Carlisle, South Carolina, is a great place to live. A small, scenic rural community located in Union County and carved out and nestled in Sumter National Forest. A forest paradise that is abundant in natural beauty; rooted in culture; tradition; family; community and history. It was formerly Fish Dam Township.

            Carlisle is only fifteen minutes from Union and less than an hour from big cities, such as Charlotte, Spartanburg, and Columbia. Whether it’s the dense woodlands, towering white clouds against a powder-blue sky, a spectacular rainbow at Broad River, or the sweet smell of nature, Carlisle is a forest paradise; ideal for nature walks, camping, hunter (deer and turkey), fishing, boating, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities and fun.   864.427.1505
Carlisle is a great place to live – Beautiful – Bonded – Historic!

Town of Lockhart

The Town of Lockhart is located along the Broad River in the northeastern section of the County along the Chester County line. The Town is governed under the Mayor-Council form of government. The Council is composed of a Mayor and four Council members, all elected at-large. the day-to-day operations of the Town are handled by a Town Administrator hired by the Council. The Town Hall is located on North First Street.