Pennies 4 Progress FAQ's
FAQs – Union County Capital Project Sales Tax
  1. When is the referendum?
    1. The referendum is on the ballot for the next general election scheduled for November 2, 2021.
  1. If the referendum passes, when will the additional one cent sales tax begin and when would it end?
    1. If approved by the voters, the one cent sales tax would likely begin May 2022 and run for eight years.  The sales tax cannot continue past its expiration date of May 2029 unless reauthorized by the voters on another referendum.
  1. Does the additional one cent sales tax apply to all sales?
    1. No.  The one cent sales tax would not apply to unprepared food (groceries), prescription medicines, certain maximum tax items such as automobiles, and sales of personal property otherwise exempt from the State sales tax. 
    2. We need to check on gasoline
  1. How much revenue is estimated to be generated by an additional one cent sales tax?
    1. The South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office estimates $21,114,490 to be collected during the proposed eight-year life of the one cent sales tax.
  1. How will revenue from the one cent sales tax be used?
    1. At this time, we are seeking input from residents, business owners, friends, and neighbors for suggestions and ideas on which projects are most needed to benefit Union County. 
    2. Allowable projects include construction, major renovations, roads, bridges, public facilities, recreation facilities, or water and sewer projects.