The Union Connection Cable Channel 192



The Union Connection, cable channel 192 is a local public, education, and government access channel. It is broadcast in Union County on Charter cable channel 192 and is operated by the City of Union . The Director and Producer of The Union Connection Channel 192 is Melissa Youngblood and you should call her with any questions, suggestions, or comments. On this channel you will find public announcements and events going on around Union as well as videos of events and different happenings in Union County.  For those that are in an area of Union County that cannot get Charter cable, DVD copies of videos shown can be purchased from the City of Union for $10.00 each. Anything taped prior to July 1, 2013 will be sold for $5.00 each. If you have an event coming up that you would like filmed for channel 192, please contact Melissa Youngblood at the City of Union at 864-429-1702 ext. 254 or by email at to be placed on the schedule. If you haven't checked this channel out be sure to do so - it is very entertaining and you can see lots of things going on around Union .

Melissa Youngblood  
Director – The Union Connection Channel 192 City of

P.O. Box 987
101 Sharpe Avenue

Union, SC 29379
Ph. 864-429-1702
Fax 864-319-1336