Location of Union County

Union County is ideally located midway between New York City and New Orleans near the Interstate 85 north-south trade corridor. The County is within an hours drive of the Charlotte, Greenville-Spartanburg and Columbia metropolitan areas. Union County is within a one day's drive of nearly every major metropolitan center in the Eastern U.S.

The major thoroughfare in the County is the four-lane divided highway U.S. 176 which connects the county within a 30-minute drive to Interstate 85 in Spartanburg. South Carolina Highway 49 connects with I-26 and I-385 also within a 30-minute drive. The County is within an hour's drive of Interstate 40, within a 1.5 hour drive of I-77 and I-20, and 2.5 hours from I-95. In addition, Union County is less than 3 hours from the Port of Charleston and the county has access to rail from the Norfolk-Southern Rail System.